NGEE Arctic Plant Traits: Nodule Biomass, Kougarok Road Mile Marker 64, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 2017

DOI: 10.5440/1493669
NGEE Arctic Record ID: NGA181


Nodule biomass was measured within fifteen plots at the Kougarok hillslope site in June and July of 2017. The sampled plots were distributed across two ecotypes that contain the deciduous shrub Alnus viridis subsp. fruticosa (alder). Alder forms a symbiosis with nitrogen-fixing Frankia bacteria living within root nodules. Nodule biomass per unit area was determined with extensive soil core collection under the alder canopy. Alder height and basal area were also recorded. This dataset contains one csv file and one pdf file.

The Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments: Arctic (NGEE Arctic), was a research effort to reduce uncertainty in Earth System Models by developing a predictive understanding of carbon-rich Arctic ecosystems and feedbacks to climate. NGEE Arctic was supported by the Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research.

The NGEE Arctic project had two field research sites: 1) located within the Arctic polygonal tundra coastal region on the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO) and the North Slope near Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska and 2) multiple areas on the discontinuous permafrost region of the Seward Peninsula north of Nome, Alaska.

Through observations, experiments, and synthesis with existing datasets, NGEE Arctic provided an enhanced knowledge base for multi-scale modeling and contributed to improved process representation at global pan-Arctic scales within the Department of Energy's Earth system Model (the Energy Exascale Earth System Model, or E3SM), and specifically within the E3SM Land Model component (ELM).

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Verity Salmon, Colleen Iversen. 2019. NGEE Arctic Plant Traits: Nodule Biomass, Kougarok Road Mile Marker 64, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, 2017. Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments Arctic Data Collection, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Dataset accessed on [INSERT_DATE] at


20170618 - 20170728

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NGEE Arctic Kougarok Site, Mile Marker 64, Alaska

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Seward Peninsula, Alaska; Kougarok Road

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nodule biomass, height, GPS, basal area,

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